BaiGroupKZ invites you to visit the Ak-Mosque cave and the Domalak-Ana mausoleum

Tour to the "Ak-Mosque" cave and the "Domalak-Ana" mausoleum

3500 KZT | 1 day
Route: Shymkent – "Domalak-Ana""Ak – Mosque" - Shymkent

The monument is located in the South-Kazakhstan region, on the southern slope of Karatau, on the valley of Balabogen. The mausoleum was built over the grave of Ali Nurily Sylankyzy, who is known as Domalak Ana.

Domalak Ana is one of the legendary mothers of Kazakhs. Domalak ana was a third wife of the hero Baidibek Karashauly, who managed the tribes, inhabiting the Seven Rivers, and the mother of Alban, Suan, and Dulat. She was modest, loving mother, who shared her love to all children of clairvoyant. She could foresee the future. People called her "Domalak ana", because she was small. According to another version, Domalak Ana comes from the Persian "Dihnat mom", which means Holy Mother. Subsequently, the word Dihnat has changed into Domalak.

Baidibek сave "Ak Mosque" is one of the most mysterious places in Southern Kazakhstan. There are many legends associated with it. According to one of them, women and children hid in the cave during the Dzungarian invasion. Another says that in ancient times there was a cave of a dragon that attacked people and cattle. When the dragon spread its wings, it brushed the edges of the rift and gradually enlarged it. But one day the prophet Suleiman came to these parts and put the monster on a chain. About how many years after that the dragon lived, the legend is silent, but the place where he slept, remained. This is a hill in the very center of the cave-under the fault, where the sun's rays fall. The cave is really huge, no photo can convey the full scale of its vaults and walls. It is also unique that there is not a single tree up there within a radius of many kilometers. The cave is a real oasis.
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