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Below we give you information as much as possible about our company. But it is better to come to visit us, we will treat you to a delicious coffee and tell you about us.
Our team consists of eleven specialists in various areas including foreign areas and a lot of individual tourism services. Besides full-time employees, our team is full of talented people, including certified tour guides and guide-interpreters.

Our passion for developing and learning new things, expanding the boundaries of tourism for our favorite clients, allowed us to enlist the support of Kazakh Tourism and the Kazakhstan Tourist Association. Thanks to this, we regularly take an active part in national and international exhibitions, such as KITF, ITB Berlin, trainings and seminars like Sustainability Travel Life, trainings to improve the competence and qualifications of tour operators and travel agents, as well as on various NOMAD EXPLORER expeditions.

"BAIGROUPKZ" company - is an active member of the Kazakhstan Tourist Association and a member of Kazakhstan Association of camping and caravanning tourism club.


We endow people's lives with exciting journeys, thereby developing people's personal qualities.

The deep mission is to open the boundaries of thinking and develop personality through discoveries, accessible travel, learning new things instead of the ordinary. Opening the history of ancestors and expanding the known borders of our country, open up new areas of knowledge for the modern generation.
Our company is a Licensed Tour Operator.
We create author's tours, so you can travel at low prices with excellent service.
24/7 Support
We provide online help and support 24 hours/7 days-a-week
Free insurance
We give an insurance policy to every tourist traveling abroad. So tempting, isn't it?
Our representatives in China
Absolute support in the Chinese market allows our clients to solve their goals faster and cheaper.
Reliable partner
We successfully cooperate with key players in the tourism market, which indicates our competence and reliability.
High level of competence
Our employees are constantly developing and striving to learn new things, so the level of competence of our team is growing exponentially.

We are also very efficient

- Processing time for domestic tourism and weekend tours: 1-3 days
- Processing time for foreign tourists' orders for tour packages to Kazakhstan: 2-7 days
* if our specialists do not meet the deadline, we will give you 5% discount on any service!
For foreign tourists we offer:
    • Visa support
    • Transport and guide-interpreter services
    • Individual and group tour packages
    • Comprehensive Silk Road tours: Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan/Uzbekistan
    For residents and guests of Kazakhstan, we offer:
      • Weekend tours in Almaty region
      • Weekend tours to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan
      • Family active holidays in the mountains of Kazakhstan
      • Wellness trips to hot springs, health centers and resorts
      • Tourism for children
      • Educational school tour packages
      • Last-minute tours to hot countries like UAE, Egypt, Turkey
      • Visa processing services in the USA, Schengen, China
      • Air/Railway tickets in all directions
      • Search for suppliers of machine tools, equipment and production lines from China (our advantages: we have worked for many years in Chinese factories for the production of equipment, we are agents of the import and export company of China XUAR Urumqi, Zhong Уuan Bo Уuan LTD)
      For corporate clients we offer:
        • Group tours in Kazakhstan
        • Interpreter services
        • Transport service
        • Organization of working tours to China
        • Support in finding factories and manufacturers in China
        • Organization of corporate flights and trips at special rates
        • Registration of work visas
        • Organization of corporate events
        • Charter flights
        Our team
        Meruyert Baideshova
        Director of "BAIGROUPKZ" company
        Tel.: +7 747 351-17-79
        Dinara Barmanbekova
        Head of Sales and Marketing Department
        Tel .: +7 700 080-17-13
        Aida Akhmetova
        Outbound and Inland Tourism Consultant
        Tel .: +7 747 317-75-57
        E-mail: а
        Botakoz Tuganbai
        Outbound and Inland Tourism Consultant
        Tel. : +7 700 020-98-11
        Gabit Abdrazakov
        Head of Aviation Department
        Tel .: + 7 700 080-71-47
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