"Tour to Kemekalgan - Ghayyp Eren Qyryq Shilten Aulie"

3000 KZT | 1 day
"Forty disappeared shrines" – "Ghayyp Eren Qyryq Shilten aulie". In its very center there is a huge rock cut in two, Adam and Eve. Symbol of man and woman, father and mother. A person who has passed through the narrow gap between Adam and Eve is considered to have been cleansed of sins.

Often, even fat people easily pass through about 15 meters long and narrow crevice, while others get stuck and come back, - says Yerlan. - What unknown force does not let them in is unknown. Perhaps fear or distrust of the universe? Others face other obstacles. For example, in the form of a white or black snake crawling out of nowhere. This means that the person is not yet ready for such a test. Miracles, and more!

Nearby is another magic rock, a symbol of the mother's womb. After praying, parents lead their children under 13 to that magic rock. It is believed that a child who independently overcomes a narrow passage in a stone and is not afraid of such an ordeal will grow up healthy and happy. And without exception, all of the "Forty Disappeared Shrines" ask the God for a comfortable life, the birth of children, peace in families, health.

Interestingly, everywhere in the wind-carved rocks around "Adam" and "Eve" are figures resembling beasts. The very ones who were saved from the flood on "Noah's ark". There is an elephant, a camel, a bear, a horse ... And "Noah's ark" itself, according to legend, had stopped in ancient times on the huge mountain Kazygurt, located nearby. Hence its name: "kazyg urt" - translated from Kazakh – "hammer in stake". In other words, "the ship that dropped anchor here." Indeed, in ancient times, all the surrounding space here was the sea.

There are different legends about where "Noah's ark" stopped on Earth, - says local historian Yerlan Syzdyk. - Someone thinks that this is Mount Ararat in Armenia, someone - that Mount Judy on the Arabian Peninsula. And for us it is Mount Kazygurt. At its rocky summit there is a huge notch that resembles a corridor, like a trail from the place where a large ship stopped. According to legend, it is believed: the one who will be able to overcome the difficult path along the rocky talus to this place will be lucky and successful. Among the wonders of South Kazakhstan there is a shrine, which by chance appeared where the ore was mined. This is the "Koz-Ata" spring, here the eyes of people who have lost their sight magically open their eyes. This place among mines and quarries, near the "Akbastau aul" (village) is very clean and cozy. Once upon a time, Koz-Ata lived here. He was a doctor, a holy man. He lived to be 104 years old. And when he died and people were going to bury him, there was such a strong thunderstorm that the earth shook. And suddenly a powerful spring started flowing in that place. And people began to fear that a flood would happen from the incoming water. But gradually the water subsided. And when they began to dig new mines here, the spring completely went underground. But there was a well with wonderful water, which now people treat their eyes.
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