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Spa treatment

The Zharkent-Arasan sanatorium is famous for its balneotherapy and mud-baths, physiotherapy rooms are equipped with new devices, physiotherapy exercises keep you in good shape, and massage relaxes ...
Since ancient times, in those distant times, the Kazakhs used natural healing agents. Folk sages-tabibs (taub), often resorted to the help of healing mineral springs and mud.

There were 3 ways of balneological treatment:

Application of saline mud and brine (liquid mud) in the form of general and local procedures. At the same time, hot mineral springs and mud lakes were considered sacred and were a place of worship.
Use mostly cool springs both internally as a drink and for bathing in the hot summer months.
Therapeutic use of hot mineral springs. The most popular type of treatment among the population, especially in the southern regions of Kazakhstan, is therapy with hot mineral springs. This type of treatment has been known since ancient times.
At the beginning of the last century, a local resident Dombogul began his medical business at the sources of Zharkent-Arasan. Having studied and tested on himself and his relatives the healing properties of local Ku-Arasan springs, he turned into a local healer (tauba). After the death of Dombogul, the springs remained in a wild, neglected state. A new history of "Zharkent-Arasan" begins only from the beginning of the 50th of the twentieth century.

Also the services include: gynecological, intestinal, stomatological irrigation, there are paraffin applications, four-chamber baths, a sharko shower, a circular shower, a billiard room, table tennis.

The territory of the sanatorium is landscaped with hedges, acacia trees, birches, pyramidal poplars, young spruce forests, pines, thuja, juniper, sirens, all this beauty is on the territory of the sanatorium. Volleyball, basketball and tennis courts have been built for cultural and sports games. Chess, checkers, newspapers, magazines are provided to the guests during leisure hours. The amateur art groups of the sanatorium perform weekly. Competitions for the best waiter, nurse are often held. There are organized excursions to the historical sites of the Panfilov region.
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