Borovoe resort

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There is a natural pearl - Borovoe Resort in the north of our country, in a pine forest, on the Kokshetau Upland about 480 m, on the isthmus separating Burabay and Bolshoye Chebachye lakes.
The amazing and attractive land of the pristine nature of Sinegorye, with magnificent forests and medicinal lakes, with air saturated with pine needles, and rare in beauty and uniqueness landscapes, making this corner of Kazakhstan a real natural pearl!
We are glad to welcome tourists and residents of the capital all year round in this resort. Guests come to take a break from the usual urban everyday life and get a balance of soul and body. The most visited touristy peaks and mountains are the Bulektau, the Sinyukha mountain and the majestic Okzhetpes rock, which offer stunning views of the Borovoye and Big Chebache Lakes, on the banks of which lovers of communication with nature one-on-one choose a place to relax every year ...

One of the favorite places to rest and visit is the "Ablai Khan's Glade", on which a graceful stele is installed. Tourists are everywhere surrounded by picturesque pictures of lakes, forests, mountains, and other unique natural monuments in Borovoye, for example, a "dancing" birch grove, with bizarrely curved tree trunks.

The nature of this wonderful resort place, with its benefits and unique beauty, hospitably invites guests-tourists to visit this forever young and beautiful land of Sinegorye. It invites us to wander along the forest paths, climb the mountains and swim in the waters of the Borovoye lakes, drink healing kumis and spring water from a mountain stream, run in the morning under the rays of the rising sun, or ride with the breeze along the forest paths!
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