RV caravanning

Available resources: vehicles and inventory (2 large and 1 small motorhome), trained driver-guides, technical service, insurance, fuel
Required resources: trained driver-guides, development of tourists routes, organization and advertising
- an unusual way to travel
- comfortable overnight stay in nature throughout the trip
- the possibility of organizing a camp on the basis of a motorhome for a large group of tourists (5-15 people): kitchen, refrigerator, water, protection from the sun and cold.
- convenient for long-distance trips for several days (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan)
- convenient for solving business problems in nature - photographers, bird watchers, naturalists, film companies
- individual travel (for family)

Special features: unique offer on the market
Iveco Magirus motorhome
"Mustang" KAMAZ motorhome
Steyr Pinzgauer Puch mini camper
Enisey" mini-camper
Tabbert T@b mini camper
Fuso Rosa bus
Iveco Magirus motorhome
This motorhome is different from the classic motorhomes, as it is built on the all-wheel drive chassis of a robust and powerful truck. This versatile motorhome is designed for comfortable movement on asphalt, dirt roads and rough terrain, it can drive on sandy, rocky, country roads, streams and slopes. The reliable life support system give opportunity for several people to live in a car for a long time in comfortable conditions.

Iveco Magirus motorhomes equipment
• full kitchen - gas stove, extractor hood, sink, plumbing, drinking water filter, voluminous floor refrigerator - freezer, microwave oven
• two sofas and a table converting into four beds
• wardrobes for clothes and things, trays
• 2 safes for firearms and valuables
• double tent on the roof
• air conditioning in the cabins
• 200 liters of clean water on board
• solar power plant for 400 W
• network for 220V, 3kW
• bright lighting inside and outside
• "smart home" device control system
• autonomous heating system on diesel fuel
• a set of camping equipment and tools, dishes
• lift for motor vehicles
• mounts for motorcycles in the cabin

The cabin can comfortably sleep up to 4 tourists, and 2 people can be accommodated in a protected tent on the roof, the driver is located in the cabin. The salon can accommodate up to 10 people at the same time.
Use cases
  • Organization of excursion trips to natural attractions of the Almaty region and the Republic of Kazakhstan with accommodation in a motorhome.
  • Organization of a field camp on the basis of a motorhome for various outdoor events, far from civilization - festivals, holidays, team buildings, picnics.
  • Transportation of people and goods to hard-to-reach places, with accommodation in a motorhome.
Rent terms
We offer Iveco Magirus motorhomes for rent with a trained driver - guide, to fulfill your wishes. The driver has his own berth in the cab and does not interfere with the passengers. In addition to the fixed cost of rent per day, the cost of fuel, gas for the kitchen and tariffs for toll roads are paid by the tenant additionally. So you can go wherever you look, on any road.
"Mustang" KAMAZ motorhome
Comfortable motorhome based on the chassis of the KAMAZ vehicle, produced in 2013.

The car has a living module with high-quality decorative trim, equipped with the necessary functions for life support. This is a full-fledged mini-hotel on wheels, equipped with everything you need for travel and living in the bosom of nature.

Bottom and hot water, filter for drinking water, voluminous refrigerator with freezer

• two sofas and a table converting into a double bed
• wardrobes for clothes and things, trays
• full bed for 2 people
• full bathroom with toilet, shower and washbasin
• air conditioning
• 400 liters of clean water on board
• solar power plant for 1000 W
• network for 220V, 3kW
• bright lighting inside
• ceiling ventilation hatches - 2 pcs. with fans and mosquito nets
• two separate stoves of an autonomous heating system on diesel fuel, with water heating
• a set of camping equipment and tools
• wardrobes and lockers for transported tourist equipment

Number of passenger seats: 5 (3 seats in the cabin, 2 seats in the living module)

Number of beds - 4 adults + 1 child. One berth for the driver in the cab. The car has a four-wheel drive, low gear, axle blocking, tire pressure adjustment to ensure high cross-country ability.
Steyr Pinzgauer Puch mini camper
The fully independent vehicle suspension provides a smoother ride over uneven terrain for this truly all-terrain vehicle. Unusually high ground clearance due to the final drive transmission and large diameter off-road tires. This allows you to safely drive through large stones, along mountain roads on rocky and rocky areas. The Steyr Pinzgauer Puch vehicle has been produced since 1972 to this day. This car is also distinguished by its reliability, unpretentiousness and maintainability.

Motorhome equipment:
• 6-seater insulated salon-living module
• powerful autonomous heater on diesel fuel
• solar power plant for 400 W,
• network 220V, 2kW
• air conditioning
• roomy locker and boxes for inventory
• seats in the cabin, transforming into a bed for 2 people
• bright external lighting around the perimeter and inside the cabin
• tourist inventory and tools
Places to visit
We suggest you evaluate the off-road capabilities of this expedition vehicle when traveling along extreme and incredibly beautiful mountain routes, such as:

• visit to the waterfall on the Kairak river through the Turgen gorge, the "Don Zhailau" plateau
• travel through the plateau of the Assy river
• travel through the passes Kyzyl Auyz and Sary Tau
• Taban Karagay plateau
• Red Mountains Boguty
• Ushkonyr plateau and others
Terms of Use
The car is offered for rent with a trained driver-guide. If desired and if you have skills, you can drive this car yourself.

To increase the number of sleeping places, you can attach the Yenisei camper trailer to the car. "Enisey" mini-camper
Enisey" mini-camper
The Yenisei camper trailer is a compact motorhome for 2 adults and one child. With a camper, you will comfortably and safely spend the night in any natural place where you can reach. You will not be afraid of changes in weather, precipitation and wind, the camper will provide a warm and dry atmosphere even in frost. In the equipped kitchen of the cottage on wheels you can conveniently cook food, transport food. An auto camper is a small mobile house, durable, insulated, protected from the effects of environmental conditions, animals and insects, heated and very comfortable.

How to transport a motorhome?
For transporting the cottage on wheels, you need a ball hitch on a car, a standard socket with 7 contacts and a little more attention when driving a car than you are used to. This off-road caravan can be transported by a passenger car, the driver does not need to issue an additional category, category B is enough. This camper will allow you to move off the asphalt onto a dirt road on which a passenger car can pass. Thus, you can stay closer to quiet natural attractions: stop by a river or lake, in a mountain meadow. The use of an auto camper is especially important in the cold season. You will be able to visit tourist places in any weather and season.
• comfortable cabin with a shelf for a child, wardrobes for accessories, convenient mattress;
• autonomous heating on diesel fuel, maintaining the set temperature in salon;
• ventilation hatch on the roof;
• two side doors with mosquito nets;
• interior lighting;
• equipped kitchen area (access from the street), includes a washbasin with a water tank and a tap, a gas stove, containers for food and accessories, a compartment for a refrigerator, lighting;
• gel battery, solar battery, 220V inverter;
• there is external lighting.
Places to visit
• Butakovskoe gorge - has several places convenient for camping;
• the great Almaty gorge abounds in places for recreation in a camper;
• the coast of the Kapchagai reservoir;
• bank of the Ili river;
• fisheries on ponds near Almaty;
• Turgen gorge;
• Issyk gorge;
• Talgar gorge;
• national parks - Charynsky, Kolsaysky, Altyn-Emel.
Tabbert T@b mini camper
Accommodation module equipment:
The Tabbert T@b caravan trailer, camper, caravan trailer is a compact caravan for comfortable living of 2 adults and 1 child (up to 10 years old). The trailer has a relatively low weight; therefore, it can be transported by a medium-sized passenger car. The special shape of the camper trailer in the form of a drop has the following advantages: good streamlining by oncoming air, high stability on the road, specific ergonomics inside. Usually, this trailer on the asphalt is practically not felt by the driver. The trailer is equipped with a special chassis with shock absorbers, high ground clearance, 16-inch wheels, an electronic stability control system and a natural roll-off brake.

Useful functions
• the presence of a full kitchen! These are kitchen furniture (cupboards for dishes and accessories), a sink with water, a gas stove for 2 burners, a refrigerator with a freezer, a microwave oven!
• three sofas and a dining table that transforms into a spacious and comfortable bed
• wardrobes and shelves for clothes and things
• audio system and DVD, LCD TV!
• powerful gas stove will not let you freeze even in winter
• many opening windows, with anti-mosquito nets and blackout curtains
• ventilation hatch
• even the front door has a safety net
• bright lighting inside and outside the caravan
• solar power plant for 120 watts.
The camper is equipped with the necessary tourist equipment. Our company offers this caravan trailer for rent, together with the organization of its delivery to the place of use and its removal back. It is also possible to transport and accompany the camper in several parking places with a car with a driver, including for several days. The rental price is discussed individually and depends on the range, route complexity, duration of use. Discounts are provided for regular customers. A tourist camper can also be useful for a variety of events: festivals.
Fuso Rosa bus
The Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa all-terrain vehicle with all-wheel drive has 21 full passenger seats. And there are also 7 additional folding places. The bus is equipped with a plug-in all-wheel drive, low gear, high suspension. These all-terrain functions allow you to move confidently and safely on country, sandy and damp mountain roads. The bus has an additional autonomous heater in the cabin, air conditioning that provides a comfortable climate in the cabin. Large panoramic windows provide an opportunity to enjoy beautiful views of nature.

Places to visit by bus
The bus is convenient for excursion trips on asphalt and dirt roads to the Altyn Emel National Park, Turgen Gorge and the observatory on the Assy plateau, Lake Issyk, Kolsai and Kayindy, the Boguty mountain range, and other places.
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