Historical tour to Turkestan

A historical tour to Turkestan, will not leave anyone indifferent, will give the opportunity to see historical monuments and museums, touch objects that are more than one thousand years old, listen to stories and legends associated with each unique place and relax and spend time with benefit. The Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yassavi - an unsurpassed masterpiece of medieval architecture and the amazing complex of palaces and temples. The building consists of 30 rooms and halls. Its central hall is a closed-down residence of the Kazakh khans, now there is a specific museum – pantheon open for public. The pearl of this museum is "Tai Kazan", the largest in the entire eastern Muslim world - a bowl for water. It was made from an alloy of seven metals. The graceful vault furnishings and colorful tile mosaics capture the imagination. The memorial complex that appeared on the grave of Yassavi turned into the most visited temples in Central Asia. The most interesting archaeological sites are associated with the era of the Karakhanids - IX-Xll centuries. It was a time when the famous Otrar city flourished on the Great Silk Road, where large archaeological excavations were made for several years, now it is a part of the historical and cultural reserve - Otrar oasis, and an interesting tourist site. There is also a wonderful historical museum that clearly demonstrates the capture of the city by the Mongols, as well as a monument of the XII-XX centuries. Arystan-baba mausoleum, dedicated to one of the saints of the Sufis. As the legend says, before his death, Mohammed gave the beads entrusted to safekeeping to Arystan-baba, which he gave to an eleven-year-old boy, in the future known Khoja Ahmed Yassavi. The mausoleums of Aisha Bibi and Babadzha Khatun are located 18 km from the city of Taraz, and are unique architectural monuments of the XI-XII centuries. The mausoleums are notable for their simplicity, monumentality, architectural composition and graceful forms.
11 500 KZT
Historical tour
19 000 KZT
Sacred tour

Tour schedule

Day 1
06:00 p.m. - Group gathering.
06:30 p.m. - Departure.
Day 2
07:00 -10:30 a.m. - Shaulder village.
Otrar settlement is an archaeological monument, protected by UNESCO. Arystan Bab mausoleum (grave of teacher A.Yassavi)
02:00 - 06:00 p.m. - Turkestan (mausoleum of Ahmed Yassavi, ancient bath complex, fortress wall, Juma mosque, etc.) - 3 hours. + free time.
11:00 p.m. - Taraz city, Aisha Bibi and Babaji Khatun (architectural monuments of the 10th - 12th centuries).
Day 3
09:00 a.m. - Arrival in the city of Almaty.
The tour price includes:
- transport service
- tour guide
- entrance tickets to museums according to the program
- water throughout the tour
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