BaiGroupKZ invites you to visit Ethno Aul TUMAR in the Batan tract

Ethno Aul (village)TUMAR in the Batan tract

Batan is a picturesque resting place in the Turgen Gorge. Batan is a favorite tourist destination. There are a lot of wild berries and mushroom places. Most often there are milk mushrooms, wild mushrooms, boletus mushrooms.

There are the only Chinturgen moss spruce forests with an area of almost 90 hectares declared as a natural monument on the Tien Shan. The Batan tract is a continuous moss cover among the dense spruce forest, up to 60 cm deep, covering the eternal frost on the steep northern slopes.

The main attractions around the village of Batan are Turgen waterfalls.

Bear Waterfall, 29 meters high, is just a kilometer away along a well-equipped trail. The hike is ideal for children - there are numerous bridges over the stream and a wooden staircase, on the rocks in front of the waterfall.

The Kairak waterfall is the largest of the seven waterfalls that adorn the slopes of the Turgen Gorge. Its height is about 55 m.

There are many interesting things in the area: a trout farm, an ostrich farm, an open-air historical and ethnographic museum, a statue of the Golden Man (Altyn Adam) from the Saki mound, hot springs and the purest springs.
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